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Custom Fleet Driver Training Packages


Advanced Driving Centre
Changing Driver Behaviour

Advanced Driving Centre by Young Drivers of Canada is the leading fleet driver training company in Canada. Our mission is to make our roads safer and save lives by reducing the number of vehicle related incidents. A lot of what we teach has to do with changing driver behaviour. Our belief is that changing driver behaviour is the key to reducing vehicle crashes and all our programs are built around this belief.

Who We Are

What We D0

Our Programs

Fleet Driver Training

We offer customized fleet driver training programs for corporate clients, events and seminars.

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Advanced Driving Courses

Customizable advanced driving courses ensuring that we meet all of needs.

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Distracted Driving

Learn of the dangers while driving distracted and how to prevent collisions caused by other distracted drivers.

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Build Your Own

Build the right program that fits your company’s needs and requirements. This is our most popular option.

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The Advanced Driving Centre was pleased to work with LCBO employees
The Advanced Driving Centre put on a specific event for Transcanada Employees

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