• ADC Online is a fully customizable online learning platform offered by the Advanced Driving Centre. ADC Online offers advanced driving courses online! Courses can be fully customized & paired with in-car trianing.

  • Enrol in courses like distracted driving, winter driving, collision avoidance and more! ADC Online comes with a profile and dashboard to manage your courses. Receive a certificate of completion for every course you complete.

For Individuals

  • Keep updated on latest driving habits
  • Easy to use & Mobile friendly
  • Certificates provided

Browse our current ADC Online courses

Browse our current course offerings

ADC Online offers the perfect refresher for individuals looking to learn new defensive driving techniques. Drivers with over 20 years of driving experience love using ADC Online courses to stay up to date on the latest driving habits and trends to ensure they, and their family stays safe on the road.

For Groups/Fleets

  • Specialized / Custom Courses
  • Group / Fleet Reporting
  • Certificates sent to Fleet Manager

Looking for a fleet or large group?

Ask us about our specialized courses and group management.

ADC Online has the ability to offer fleets or large groups, customized courses to fit their individual company needs. Ask us for a demo of how ADC Online can help your drivers.

Whether you focus on distracted driving, winter driving, fuel economy, we can customize the course, and offer your management team the tools to distribute, track and confirm completion of each driver.