Available Programs

  • Fleet Driver Training Programs

    We can analyze crashes through a discussion based environment. Risk management with proactive solutions. During this time we will be covering information on the latest technologies in car, ABS, ESC etc. This program will also go over defensive driving maneuvers including rear crash avoidance, head-on collision, gravel shoulder recovery and precision handling in emergencies.
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  • Advanced Driving Courses

    A challenging off-set slalom, slalom in reverse, avoid and swerving techniques, brake and swerving techniques, rear-crash avoidance, emergency braking and adverse road conditions can be simulated.The four over all concepts of a good driver are observation, attention/proactive and maintaining your skills. Specific techniques will be taught to a driver to allow them to predict and plan for problems around the vehicle 360°. Further methods will be shown to keep space and protect it with a focus on escape routes and blind spot awareness. The use of defensive tools is used to be proactive and maintaining your skills by staying on top of legal changes and adapting to changing vehicles.
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  • Distracted Driving Programs

    Through interactive exercises you will see that the notion of multi-tasking, where a task is something that requires your conscious attention, is simply a myth. The various types of distraction -manual, visual and cognitive – and the myriad of forms they take in a vehicle are discussed. It will lead to a discovery of how distracted we are from devices in the vehicle that we know to be dangerous, to everyday things that we do that also take our attention away from the driving situation and increase the risk.
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  • Build Your Own Program

    Build your own and we will create a flexible program that meets you or your company’s needs.
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  • Winter Driving Program

    This program is designed to prepare drivers to handle the numerous challenges that Canadian winters pose. Providing a basic understanding of vehicle dynamics, it covers the adjustments drivers need to make when navigating slippery conditions.
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  • Train the Trainer Program

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