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The danger of distracted driving has been underestimated for years. The recent attention to cell phones and other electronic devices is a step in the right direction but distracted driving is way more than just a problem of talking and texting while driving, as serious as those distractions are. Learn of the many forms that distraction takes and the ways to eliminate and reduce them as well as measures to reduce the risks posed by other drivers who are distracted.

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Available Distracted Driving Programs

Distracted Driving Program

In this module you may question a lot of your assumptions and how they influence the way you drive. Through interactive exercises you will see that the notion of multi-tasking, where a task is something that requires your conscious attention, is simply a myth. The various types of distraction -manual, visual and cognitive – and the myriad of forms they take in a vehicle are discussed. It will lead to a discovery of how distracted we are from devices in the vehicle that we know to be dangerous, to everyday things that we do that also take our attention away from the driving situation and increase the risk. This is part of an examination as to why drivers still drive distracted when they know that distraction is so dangerous. All this is directed towards you formulating practical measures to eliminate and reduce dangers from distractions in your own driving.
A variety of methods are used to assist the participants to come up with real measures to become safer drivers. Our distracted driving programs include both classroom and in-car components. The classroom portion utilizes group work, interactive exercises, photos, videos and discussion to develop a real understanding of the problem and measures that can be taken to deal with it. The on-road portion utilizes a distracted driving challenge performed at our private site to further illustrate the dangers of distracted driving. Following the driving challenge, the course then focuses attention on the utilization of defensive driving techniques and habits to deal with problems both in the participant’s own driving as well as that of other drivers who are often driving distracted.

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Distracted Driving Program Plus

Driving is the most dangerous activity that the majority of the population engages in on a daily basis. It is the leading cause of death for everyone between the ages of 16 and 34 and accounts for more than three out of ten workplace fatalities. Given the dangers involved, driving clearly warrants our full and constant attention. A key to this is the development of sound defensive driving habits. Our Plus program includes everything in the program above with the addition of an on-road evaluation of your driving and feedback.

*Learning New Technologies and Evaluation Worksheet Included

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Modules Available in our Distracted Driving Programs

The vast majority of drivers consider themselves to be above average drivers. Despite this belief, 85% of collisions are due to driver error. In this module, clients will learn advanced collision avoidance techniques. Topics covered include the “S”approach, rear crash avoidance, head-on collision avoidance and LCR scanning.
The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has recently stated that distracted driving has surpassed impaired driving as a factor in fatal collisions. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determined that over 3300 people were killed and an estimated 421,000 injured in distraction-affected crashes in 2012. This module covers the many issues surrounding this topic. In particular, how drivers have underestimated this problem for years and the myths surrounding multi-tasking. The cell phone has brought this topic to the forefront and this module will explore these everyday problems and will suggest appropriate solutions.
This module explains the best methods to control a vehicle in emergency situations. Topics to be covered include gravel shoulder recovery, how to best maneuver around problems and how to most effectively use your eyes to guide your vehicle to safety.
Many of the newest cars and light trucks come factory-equipped with recently developed, technological equipment. Do you know how this equipment really works? Do you train your employees in their proper use? This new technology includes back-up cameras, lane departure warning systems, braking assistance systems and blind spot indicators, to name a few. Do you know what ABS stands for? What about ESC? ABS and ESC have been around since the early 1990’s. Both systems are now standard equipment on all new cars and light trucks sold in Canada. Many experienced drivers still do not know how to use ABS and ESC for optimum safety and performance.
This module will cover vehicle dynamics including loss of traction, skid avoidance methods and the proper techniques to recover from skids and slides. The Instructor will explain that the methods to avoid skids change depending on the available technology of the vehicle. Also covered are hydroplaning, black ice, whiteouts and freezing rain.
This module will explore the mindset of the driver. What motivates drivers? Why do drivers do the things they do when they drive? Why do drivers over-rate their skills? Why do drivers succumb to road rage? This module will have discussion based learning that explores the experiences that all drivers share and what drivers can do to modify their behavior going forward.
We don’t see nearly as well as we think we do. Human eyes are not the best in the world. Our bigger brains improve and enhance what our eyes actually see. Did you know that our sharpest vision is only 3 degrees wide and we see everything upside down and our brain flips it right-side up? What is Inattentional Blindness? How and why do things disappear in plain sight? This module explains the eye techniques that will keep you safer.
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