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Advanced Driving Centre – Who we are.

The Advanced Driving Centre - Our mission is to make our roads safer and save lives by reducing the number of vehicle related incidents.
The Advanced Driving Centre by Young Drivers of Canada is the leading fleet driver training company in Canada. A lot of what we teach has to do with changing driver behaviour. Our belief is that changing driver behaviour is the key to reducing vehicle crashes and all our programs are built around this belief.
By using our exclusive methods we GUARANTEE that we can reduce the number of collisions in your fleet. We specialize in exclusive defensive driving maneuvers that will help reduce the number of collisions and in turn, help companies save money. Lets face it, collisions cost companies money one way or another. Be it increased insurance costs, vehicle replacement costs, or employee absenteeism due to vehicle related injuries. Companies may find considerable cost savings by taking a fleet driver training program from The Advanced Driving Centre. We Guarantee the results!

What we do works. We are committed to providing flexible programs that work with your company and employee schedules. Our State-of-the-Art facility provides the perfect training grounds to deliver the desired program. Our highly trained specialists will analyze and provided custom tailored solutions to address your company's concerns. Some of our packages that can be customized to meet the needs of your company are: Winter Driving, Defensive Driving, Distracted Driving, Driver Improvement and much more. Really the choice is yours. The Advanced Driving Centre site is 10 acres dedicated to driver training from rear crash avoidance to head on crash avoidance. We have everything you need to solve your on-road problems!

Angelo DiCicco

Director of Operations

Angelo is the Director of Operations for The Advanced Driving Centre and General Manager for Young Drivers of Canada GTA. He is responsible for event and curriculum co-ordination in the GTA, Mississauga and Durham Regions. Angelo is an accomplished driving instructor, manager and a recognized community spokesperson in the driver education industry. Most notably Angelo is the catalyst behind cutting edge vehicle technology interface management, including wearable computing and telematics.

Charles Shrybman

Director of Research & Education

With over 20 years in driver education, Charles is the Director of Research & Education for The Advanced Driving Centre and Regional Trainer & Instructor Co-ordinator for Young Drivers of Canada GTA. He is also a member of the National Education Review Committee for Young Drivers of Canada, as well as, a member of the Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists. Charles has trained thousands of drivers both in-class and in-car and has been actively involved in the training of driving instructors for more than 20 years. A repository of statistical information, Charles brings experience and a scholarly approach to todays driving challenges.

Chris Palmer

Director of Training

Chris earned his Teaching Degree in 2001. Taught high school in Michigan and Alaska before moving to Japan to teach English for two years. Moved to Toronto and started working for Young Drivers advancing to a Centre Trainer and working with novice drivers to corporate clients. Currently the Director of Training for the Advanced Driving Centre. Responsible for training instructors, organizing in-car instruction for events and developing new content.

The Advanced Driving Centre Site

The Advanced Driving Centre has 10 acres specially designed to train drivers in everything from how to avoid being rear-ended to how to avoid a head on collision. There is a modern, air-conditioned classroom with power point projector and screen. All YD training vehicles are less than 5 years old and some have the latest hybrid electric/gasoline engines.

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