Left-Foot Braking Discussion

Young Drivers of Canada Weighs In on Left-Foot Braking

Young Drivers of Canada was recently contacted by Henry Stancu, a reporter for the Toronto Star to weigh in on drivers who use their left foot to brake while driving. A consensus amongst the driving schools interviewed revealed that left- foot braking is not a safe habit that motorists should not practice for a number of reasons.

Reasons Left-Foot Braking is Dangerous

There are several reasons why left-foot braking can be dangerous. Those interviewed by The Star, agreed that,

1. Using both feet to drive (left foot for brake, right foot for gas) can cause confusion in the event of an emergency. A driver can make the mistake of hitting the gas instead of the brake, resulting in a potentially dangerous situation.

2. Using both feet to drive can create unnecessary wear and tear on the brakes of a vehicle. Drivers normally rest their left foot to the left of the brake on the flat portion of the interior of the wheel well space. Drivers who use their left foot to brake have a tendency to ride the brake according to Angelo DiCicco, Director of the Toronto-GTA Young Drivers of Canada Centres.

“If you see someone with their brake lights on as they’re moving forward, I can almost guarantee you they are using their left foot for braking,”

In addition to the safety concerns associated with left foot braking, Mr. DiCicco suggests that two-foot driving is also a bad habit when it comes to the environment. Fuel consumption is increased when drivers use their left foot for braking, resulting in the emission of more pollutants into the air.

Many experts weighed in, and all agreed that left foot braking was natural and should be avoided because of the potential of confusion and the subsequent possibility of a collision. According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, left foot braking is not illegal, and a student would not fail a road test if they used their left foot to brake. A student would, however, fail if the road test driver became confused and used the wrong pedal, resulting in a dangerous action.

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