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5 Common Driver Distractions

The 5 Common Driver Distractions

There are 5 common driver distraction actions that all drivers do that will led to driver distractions when operating a vehicle.

Here are five actions that we all do that result in a driver distraction.

1. As drivers we look at passengers when we talk to them. We are all guilty of this action at some point while driving. It is difficult to avoid this action since it is a natural response to look at someone while you are talking to them. The problem with this action while driving is that you focus your attention on the passenger and not on the road. In the split second that your eyes move away from the road, an accident can occur.

2. Looking for something. We have all pulled out our wallets, purses or reached to the back seat to retrieve something while driving. It seems that drivers are obsessed with making sure they find what they may have temporarily misplaced, while driving. Is picking up that quarter from the floor so important while you drive? Or looking for that receipt from yesterday’s grocery shop so important that you need to do it while driving? The consequences of such actions clearly indicate the answer is no!

3. Being entertained by the entertainment. Despite the emphasis on distracted driving, car manufacturers continue to improve their in-car entertainment, making it more complex to operate by offering a variety of gizmo and gadgets. In combination with a driver’s short attention span, drivers are always looking for the next song and fiddling with knobs and toggles while doing so. Although the introduction of voice commands is helping to alleviate this problem, car manufacturers need to master the entertainment technology keeping the task of driving attention at the forefront, before fully implementing the technology into today’s vehicles.

4. Watching life go by. The scenery surrounding driving is fascinating. There are people to watch, other vehicles to see, billboards to read and so much more. Each of these driver distractions are more important that focusing on the road ahead. Becoming involved in any of these distractions, could have dire consequences since they all require drivers to take their eyes off the road.

5. Eating and drinking while driving. We all do it. After all, that’s what a drive-thru was invented for. Being able to eat and drink while driving is a skill unto its own. Most drivers end up wearing what they were eating. The action is so wrong on many levels when it is done behind the wheel. Drivers are not focused on the road, cannot maintain control of their vehicle when their hands are occupied with drinks and food in wrappers. There should be zero tolerance when it comes to food and drink while driving.

Without even taking into consideration the cellphone, we as drivers are able to distract ourselves quite well with other things. Controlling our brain activity while driving is a key element in avoiding driver distractions. At Young Drivers of Canada, the exclusive CogniFit program is designed to help drivers of all ages control their brain activity while behind the wheel. Regardless of your driving experience, controlling your brain activity is the key to avoiding driver distractions!

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