5 Fall Driving Tips

Fall Driving Can Be Tricky

Fall driving can be unpredictable as the weather changes. Days get shorter, making driving during daylight limited. There are 5 fall driving tips from Young Drivers that drivers should consider as the season transitions from summer to fall.

  • Stay alert. As the days get shorter, drivers are faced with driving to work in the dark and driving home in the dark. With the end of longer days, visibility on the roads decreases, making for unfamiliar driving conditions. Even on regular routes, drivers should exercise caution and adjust their driving, making allowances for seeing pedestrians, cyclists and all other roadway users.


  • Leaves. Everyone enjoys the fall season for its colour but leaves can be quite dangerous for drivers. When leaves become wet, they become slippery and can result in dangerous driving conditions. Dry leaves also present a problem. Avoid parking your vehicle near a pile of dry leaves. A hot vehicle can ignite a pile of dry leaves pretty quickly.


  • Here Comes The Sun. As the season changes so does the position of the sun and the glare generated. Glare can be dangerous for a driver. It can decrease visibility. It is important to ensure your eyes are protected and your visibility is clear. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses that will cut thru the glare, giving drivers a clear view of the road.


  • Check Your Vehicle’s Tires. With a change in the temperature, tires will contract and expand, reducing their pressure. Maintaining tire pressure and ensuring tires are well maintained is key to driving safely in the fall.


  • Check The Weather. Fall is a mixed bag of weather. Rain can be torrential resulting in flooding on roadways. Hydroplaning can be a concern with excessive water on the roadways. If you encounter a road with excess water, ensure you slow down. Speed can result in a loss of traction. In the event of severe rain, you may want to pull off the road safely and wait until the rain subsides. It is important for drivers to pay attention to road conditions during the fall transition Early morning dew can also result in slick road conditions.

Driving in the fall can be tricky with changing temperatures and weather. Young Drivers of Canada teaches its drivers education students the skills to navigate the roads during adverse conditions. It is important for drivers, regardless of their experience to ensure they are prepared for the road conditions. If you need a refresher course or want to develop better winter driving skills, contact Young Drivers today!

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