April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month in the U.S.

Young Drivers of Canada’s Tips for Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is designated as distracted driving awareness month in the United States and support of the Department of Transportation’s initiative; Young Drivers of Canada would like to suggest some tips to help keep drivers safe on the road.

Young Drivers of Canada’s Tips to Eliminate Distracted Driving

1. Keep your technology out of sight, out of mind. Put your cellphone away so you won’t be tempted to use it or look at it while driving. Putting away your electronic device is the best way to avoid temptation. Everyone wants to respond to a notification or a ping but to keep all motorists safe, turn off your phone and put it away, in the glove box or truck.

 2. Don’t text and drive. Looking at a text, writing or responding to a text message takes your eyes off the road. Studies have found that taking your eyes off the road for five seconds while traveling 60 mph will result in your vehicle moving the distance of a football field. Imagine not looking where you are going during that distance. There may be pedestrians or animals crossing, debris falling from other vehicles or even another driver braking or moving into your lane.

3. Avoid personal distractions while driving. Conversations with passengers, looking back children or even singing to the radio should be avoided when driving. Drivers should also avoid eating while driving and ensuring they have enough sleep before they start their journey.

4. As a passenger, never put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Let your driver know that you are not comfortable with their actions behind the wheel if they are engaging in the distracted behavior. The safety of you, the driver and others who share the road is more important that your cell phone.

Distracted driving continues to dominate the headlines, especially during initiatives such as Distracted Driving Awareness Month in the United States. Let’s all do our part to avoid making the news headlines by eliminating distracted driving!

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