Are you at risk of crashing? You could find out.

You know that saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it”? Well, there’s truth to that. The brain is an important muscle and keeping the cognitive abilities related to driving sharp will have an impact on your performance on the road. More importantly, cognitive weaknesses can put drivers at a significantly higher risk of crashing.

When I started working at Young Drivers I was introduced to the CogniFit products. I’m not a big gym person but I will admit keeping my mind fit sounded doable and intriguing. Everyone in our office got to take the online assessment and do the training sessions for CogniFit New Driver. Am I a risk taker? Well according to my assessment, I’m not. I guess all that know me can breathe a sigh of relief that I won’t be jumping out of planes anytime soon! The program also ranked my 10 driving-related abilities from strongest to weakest. The big question mark was whether I could improve on the skills I was not so hot at like divided attention and width of field of vision. Now that I have two kids my attention is constantly divided! And I feel like I need to scan the room at all times to see what is “really” happening during play time.

I realized that the road to brain training really will affect and help my every day life. Some training sessions later my weaker skills were improved. Yes – I said to myself – I get it. This is why Young Drivers of Canada incorporated CogniFit cognitive training products into our novice program.

How good is your reaction time?

A driving instructor will see the student’s assessment and know before they even get behind the wheel which of their cognitive skills are stronger and which are weaker. Imagine knowing if an individual is good at changing plans and how confident they are before the key turns in the ignition. It’s really interesting stuff.

Especially interesting when you consider that there’s research showing 24% of new drivers, regardless of age, have cognitive weaknesses that put them at significant risk of crashing. Something to think about. I’ve had a lot of people ask about using cognitive training for their parents or grandparents too. Makes sense. I started thinking about the senior members in my family. I remember driving with my grandfather and he stopped, confused, about 10 seconds after the stop sign. Needless to say, he did end up hanging up his keys and relying on my grandmother to drive him everywhere.

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