Autonomous Vehicle Goes On A Road Trip

First Road Trip For Delphi Autonomous Vehicle

Delphi Automotive has sent its first self-driving car on a road trip. The autonomous car is making its maiden voyage, a 3,500 mile journey across the U.S. beginning at the Golden Gate Bridge, starting March 22, 2015. The self-driving car is equipped with a driver who will only interact with the vehicle in the event that a problem arises.

The Delphi vehicle is an autonomous Audi was recently showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. At the show, the vehicle performed as expected under the preset conditions. The goal of the road trip is to see how the vehicle will perform under a variety of conditions, including varied weather and road conditions.

The vehicle is expected to travel approximately six to eight hours per day, allowing Delphi engineers to see how the automobile responds to the surrounding conditions. The 3,500 mile road trip will also allow engineers to determine how comfortable a “driver” will be in a “driver-less” vehicle over an extended period of time.

Autonomous Vehicle Will Navigate Road Trip

The Delphi vehicle is programmed to make complex decisions. The vehicle is capable of merging onto the highway, maneuvering around objects such as a cyclist, and stopping at a stop sign, and then proceeding accordingly. Equipped with a series of Lidar sensors, the vehicle is strategically outfitted to detect obstacles that may be encountered while driving. The road trip will allow Delphi engineers to determine where the sensors perform the best, providing the best data and where there are areas that could require adjustment.The road trip vehicle is also equipped with a number of cameras that will record activity within and outside the vehicle, including the actions of the driver on board.

Delphi has been involved in the development of an automated vehicle since the late 90’s. The company has used a variety of sensors to incorporated driving features in vehicles such as automatic braking and adaptive cruise control. The company believes that autonomous features in vehicles will be the solutions to decrease the amount of traffic deaths. It is the goal of companies such as Delphi to prevent driver distractions by not depending on the driver but rather the vehicle!

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