Calgary Police Use Covert Tactics to Catch Distracted Drivers

Calgary Police Cite Fewer Drivers for Distracted Driving But Not Because Drivers are Behaving

Calgary police confirm that they are handing out fewer distracted driving tickets but it’s not because drivers are refraining from texting and driving. In December alone, law enforcement issued more than 300 tickets and the problem is not going away. Drivers are, however, adapting craftier methods to conceal their distracted driving behaviour. Law enforcement, in turn, has also responded and is also adapting some techniques and covert operations to catch Calgary drivers in the act of distracted driving.

In December, Calgary Police used a pedestrian bridge over a busy roadway to watch drivers and catch those who were engaged in distracted driving behaviours. When a police officer spied a driver engaged in distracted driving behaviours they radioed to officers who were down below on the ground, pulling the vehicles over and fining the drivers accordingly. Law enforcement was able to catch drivers who were looking at their phones that were in their laps. Police were also targeting large vehicles such as tractor trailers whose drivers also engage in distracted driving behaviours.

Police Across Canada Step Up Their Game to Catch Distracted Drivers

Calgary law enforcement officers are not the only police who are becoming creative when it comes to catching distracted drivers. In Ontario, police used city buses as a vantage point to catch distracted drivers. In Manitoba, police dressed down in civilian clothing and looked for distracted drivers on street corners.

Despite continued education and awareness campaigns, drivers continue to engage in distracted driving behaviours for the simple reason, because they feel nothing will happen as a result of their actions. Young Drivers of Canada will continue to teach drivers of all ages that distracted behaviour behind the wheel has consequences. FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out should never be a reason to engage in texting behind the wheel. Your social status can be updated when you are not behind the wheel. Your emails can wait for a response and you don’t have to answer that call while driving. Simple solutions to potentially deadly actions!

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