Ralph Nader Issues Gloom For Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles Not Favoured by Nader Car manufacturers and proponents of self-driving technology as the next stage in vehicle safety have been given a bit of a reality check by none other than Ralph Nader. In a recent statement, Mr. Nader has suggested that autonomous vehicle features will exacerbate problems by drivers who are not […]

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Nova Scotia’s Distracted Driving Law Challenged

Young Drivers of Canada Voice Activated Technology

Nova Scotia’s Distracted Driving Law Not Clear on “Use” Provinces across Canada continue to struggle with the interpretations of their distracted driving laws. Nova Scotia’s distracted driving laws were challenged in the Supreme Court and in this particular case, the distracted driving law lost. Nova Scotia’s Supreme Court recently sided with a motorist who received […]

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New Car Testing in Canada, How it Happens!

AJAC Testfest 2016 - Young Drivers of Canada

AJAC’s 2016 TestFest Showcases New Car Testing When the invitation came to attend the Canadian Car of the Year, 2016 TestFest, at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in Bowmanville, Ontario, it was an opportunity that could not be missed by this Young Drivers of Canada blogger. This was, after all where the Canadian Car and Truck […]

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How Will Driverless Cars Affect Society?

Driverless Cars Are Coming, Are You Ready? With autonomous vehicle technology being ramped up, and tested in the real world, it is expected that driver less vehicles will become the norm in the decades to come. So how will these vehicles effect our society? 1. Will everyone buy an autonomous vehicle? The answer is maybe […]

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M City, University of Michigan Autonomous Driving City

M City Becomes Autonomous Driving Central The University of Michigan announced the opening of their simulated city on its campus earlier this week. The goal of the “city” is to test autonomous vehicles without having to do so on existing roadways, avoiding potential collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians. The facility is referred to as […]

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