Long Weekend Driving Tips for May 24 2018

Driver on rural road enjoying the May 24 long weekend using long weekend driving tips

It’s The First Long Weekend of the Summer Season Though it’s technically still spring for another month, the May 24 long weekend is the official start of the summer season. Even though the weather may not always cooperate, it’s a chance for Canadians to get rid of the winter blues. Motorists will be packing their […]

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10 Car Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money 

We often overlook the fact that many of the items laying around the house can do more than just one thing. You don’t necessarily need fancy gadgets, products and tools to maintain and organized your vehicle, check out these 10 hacks that will prove that. Use toothpaste to clean your headlights: Have your headlights gotten […]

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Dubai Roads More Dangerous Today Due To Distracted Driving

Dubai Drivers Are Also Distracted Drivers According to the latest UAE Road Safety Monitor report, approximately fifty-six percent of motorists think that the UAE’s roads have become more dangerous in the last six months. The reason behind the motorist thinking? An improvement in the road infrastructure. In a study conducted by the Qatar Insurance Company […]

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