Clocks Back, safety forward

digital clock on nightstand

At 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 3, daylight savings will come to an end for 2019, signalling the start of a new season. Turning the clock back is often hailed for the additional hour of glorious shuteye it offers. With sleep deprivation being a common condition in our society, it’s easy to understand why. What’s […]

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75,000 and counting…

As  young children, we aspire to build fulfilling careers that will help make a difference in world and even in the lives of others. And while many go on to become doctors, teacher, engineers and fire fighters, others have chosen an alternate route.  A route that not only fulfills them by enabling them to teach […]

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Long Weekend Driving Tips for May 24 2018

Driver on rural road enjoying the May 24 long weekend using long weekend driving tips

It’s The First Long Weekend of the Summer Season Though it’s technically still spring for another month, the May 24 long weekend is the official start of the summer season. Even though the weather may not always cooperate, it’s a chance for Canadians to get rid of the winter blues. Motorists will be packing their […]

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National Teen Driver Safety Week: What you should know

What it’s all about For the fifth year in a row, Young Drivers of Canada will be joining community organizations across Canada to promote National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW). Designed to create awareness of the safety issues facing teen drivers and to promote a proactive solution to those challenges, NTDSW will run from October […]

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