Canada’s Best Driver

In honour of the Canadian election today, I was thinking about how I would choose my ideal driver candidate – the best driver to share the road with.

A driver who would keep their vehicle in good working order and well maintained.  This means lights and signals ready to communicate their intentions.  A driver who is courteous and respects the space around their vehicle is a great trait.  Definitely the ideal driver will drop the distractions and keep their cell phones safely put away while they drive.  Distractions like eating, drinking and changing the radio station will also not be part of their driving routine.  And the ideal driver would plan their route and leave in good enough time to avoid rushing to their destination.  I’d vote for that!

As drivers, realizing that we are all sharing the road together and that we are a community of drivers is a great way to reduce our risk and shape our future.

What qualities would you vote for in an ideal driver?

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