Happy I Passed My Roadtest

Completed My Road Test, Passed with Young Drivers of Canada

Video recap:

00:10 – You’ve got a smile on your face! What’s the smile for?

00:12 – I just finished my road test. And? I passed! Alright!

00:18 – Well perfect. So what is your name?  My name is Merton and I took Young Drivers.

00:24 – And so what did you think about the Young Drivers Program?

00:28 – I really liked it, as a matter of fact.

00:33 – They really taught me how to be safe on the road. I guess that’s the number one thing.

00:35 – Okay and what about the classroom portion? Did you find it alot of fun? Was it hard?

00:40 – It was alot of fun. I took it easy at my own pace.  It was good.

00:49 – Okay what about the in-car? Who was the instructor?

00:52 – Mario, the best in-car instructor in the world.

00:58 – Well you’re the best because you’re very teachable. A very good student.

01:01 – So what about going forward?

01:05 – Would you recommend YD (Young Drivers) to any of your friends?

01:09 – I would recommend YD to all my friends!

01:14 – It is, I would say, a very, very good program.

01:19 – I think I will become a great driver.

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