I definitely would recommend Young Drivers of Canada

I definitely would recommend Young Drivers! – Drivers of All Ages

Video recap:

00:07 – You’ve got a nice smile on your face!

00:10 – I think so!

00:11 – What happened?

00:12 – I passed my driving test today with the help of Young Drivers of Canada.

00:17 – Alright, perfect! How did it go?

00:20 – Excellent! I’m very pleased I took the Young Drivers course,

00:26 – as well as had Mario from Young Drivers take me to my driving test and listened.

00:32 – I benefited quite a lot. I learned a lot and both in class as well as on the road.

00:37 – I don’t think I could have done it without them.

00:40 – Terrific! And what did you think about the classroom portion?

00:43 – The classroom portion was excellent. I learned a lot of things about collision free driving,

00:49 – and I’ve actually been passing some of that off to my relatives and people I drive with.

00:53 – Great, and what was the experience with the in car portion?

00:56 – In car was amazing. I mean I learned so much and learned what not to do what other drivers are doing.

01:03 – There was things that I’m passing off as well to other drivers because I didn’t know about it before learning on my own.

01:12 – Great! Would you recommend Young Drivers to friends and family?

01:16 – I definitely would recommend Young Drivers!

01:19 – I think it’s one of the best things out there and you would learn a lot, benefit and make yourself feel more confidant,

01:24 – in driving knowing how to collision free drive!

01:28 – Well thanks very much Kim.

01:29 – Thank you!

01:30 – All the best!

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