Apple Takes on Distracted Driving

Apple Reveals New Distracted Driving Technology

Apple has unveiled its new technology that has the capability to shut off texting when a user is driving in hopes of reducing the potential for collisions from in-car distractions. The technology referred to as Car Play and Siri Eyes Free is part of Apple’s initiative to create its in-car technology. The driver handheld computing device lock-out has been in development for several years as Apple’s initiative to curb distracted driving. Is this the answer to distracted driving? Young Drivers of Canada doesn’t think so.

There are two components to Apple’s technology. The first focuses on a lock-out mechanism that is not reliant on the vehicle to activate. This portion of the technology uses on-board sensors that determine when someone is driving. The second component of Apple’s technology permits the car to transmit signals that will block the use of an iPhone. which in turn blocks a driver from receiving any texts and calls on their phone while they are in the driver’s seat.

Another important function of Apple’s innovation is the parental lock-out function that will disable user-selectable a smartphone feature that is associated with a specific phone. At this point, this specific technology has not be confirmed in future iOS smartphones.

Distracted Driving Not Just The Cellphone

Although the initiatives that are being put forth by Apple are interesting, Young Drivers of Canada understands that driver distractions are not just caused by cellphones and texting. Today, drivers face a variety of distractions within the vehicle as well as outside the vehicle. These distractions include eating, drinking, talking with passengers and even tending to children in the back seats. What is common in all these distractions is that drivers are not able to multi task while they drive., our brains just can’t handle it.

Young Drivers of Canada has established its exclusive CogniFit program to enhance a driver’s cognitive skills. The program helps participants to think on their feet and by extension, behind the wheel, which promotes safe and smart driving practices. The program assesses an individual’s driving strengths and weakness and builds quick thinking on the road.

Today distracted driving has surpassed drunk driving as the number one driving related source of collision fatalities. Everyone should be concerned about this alarming trend. Remember, you have a choice as a driver to avoid distractions when driving. Is a text, a call or a conversation worth it?

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