Distracted Driving A Deadly Facebook Status Update

Distracted Driving Social Media Obsessed

Earlier this week a 32 year old North Carolina woman died after her vehicle slammed into a truck while she was driving. The incident made the news headlines across the world and was sensationalized by the fact that the driver had just updated her Facebook status, indicating that she was happy listening to Pharrell’s Happy song. Young Drivers of Canada believes that this was not an accident but rather a collision that could have been avoided. What is the difference? Let’s explain.

Distracted Driving Accident or Collision?

An accident is defined as “an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause.” In this particular instance, the driver was involved in a deliberate cause, updating her Facebook status, posting selfies while driving at an undetermined speed according to police reports. As a result of her actions, the vehicle drifted across a grass median and crashed head-on into a on-coming recycling truck. The car subsequently burst into flames. The driver of the car died at the scene. The cause of the situation? A collision that could have been easily prevented. Young Drivers of Canada would like to explain.

Collisions are a result of “an instance of one moving object or person striking violently against another.” In this specific situation, the driver of the car had the ability to prevent any connection between herself and the truck by simply not being obsessed by social media. If the driver of the car was focused on the road, there would have been no violent strike between the two objects, the truck and the car. Within a few seconds, a life was over as a result of a driver needing to update their status on Facebook to let everyone know that she was happy.

Young Drivers of Canada has always maintained that accidents are simply collisions and avoidable. As part of their driver education program, Young Drivers of Canada teaches their exclusive Collisionfree!™ approach to driving. This method of teaching driver education is built on the premise that accidents are predictable and preventable. Specifically in this recent incident, the consequences could have been easily avoided including the fatality had the driver simple put away her phone and focused on the road.

Young Drivers of Canada teaches its students how to see the road, other drivers and identify the situations that are high risk. In this particular situation, it is easy to blame social media, texting and distracted driving as the cause of this tragedy. What it really boils down to is that this driver didn’t have the skills to identify that what she was involved in could have been easily avoided!
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