Distracted Driving Deaths Decrease In Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Distracted Drivers Deaths Drop

The Saskatchewan Government Insurance says 26 people were killed and nearly 600 injured in more than 3,300 collisions related to distracted driving last year. The numbers have not been finalized but according to the Saskatchewan agency, the numbers reflect a
the significant decrease over 2013 numbers and even those of 2012.

In 2012, there were more than 7,500 collisions with 69 fatalities and 2,503 injuries sustained in the province of Saskatchewan. Distracted driving was the number one factor in these collisions, superseding impaired driving as a cause in vehicle crashes. The province of Saskatchewan enacted distracted driving legislation in 2010. The province subsequently toughened the legislation in 2014, with drivers having their vehicles seized by law enforcement for seven days after a second distracted driving offense.

Distracted Driving Statistics Hopeful

SGI is hopeful that the latest numbers reflect an improving trend, that drivers are taking distracted driving seriously. Although it is too early to tell, authorities are hopeful that the 2015 numbers will continue to decline.

According to Young Drivers of Canada, distracted driving is not just using your cell phone to text and talk while driving. Although the laws do not currently include all types of distractions, distracted driving is any activity that takes the attention away from the task of driving. Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road to avoid becoming another statistic!

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