Distracted Driving Is Not Just About Texting

Distracted Driving Isn’t What You Think It Is

Today, driver’s are not just distracted by their phones. Distracted driving is much more complicated than texting or using your mobile phone. Young Drivers of Canada, Canada’s national driver education organization understands that today’s drivers have a variety of distractions which are further compounded by technology. Young Drivers of Canada offers its students their exclusive CogniFit program which enables drivers to control their brain activity, reducing the risk of distraction from a variety of factors.

Distracted Driving A Combo Deal

Today’s distractions can be broken down into in-car distractions and outside vehicle distractions. In both cases, having the ability to control your brain’s activity is the key to preventing situations that could lead to possible collisions.

In-car distractions include;

  • Your passengers and the conversations that you conduct during your journey with them.
  • Children in back seats.
  • Pets that are not contained.
  • Personal actions including smoking, eating, drinking and personal grooming.
  • Changing the radio stations.
  • Adjusting the temperature.
  • Reviewing maps.
  • Reading street signs.
  • Outside vehicle distractions include;

    • Surrounding vehicular traffic, including other driver actions.
    • Pedestrians.
    • Other moving traffic including motorcycles, scooters and bicycles.
    • Emergency collision and vehicle sites (rubber necking).
    • Unfamiliar noise.
    • Roadside attractions including beautiful landscape and attractions.

    With all of these distractions, drivers are at a disadvantage the moment they get into a vehicle. So what is the solution? It lies in a driver’s ability to be able to control their brain activity while driving. Sounds pretty simple but it isn’t. If it was, then we would have fewer collisions. Today drivers face an inordinate amount of pressure. What used to be an escape, getting into a vehicle and driving to get away from it all, is now is no longer the case. A vehicle has become a place where business continues to be conducted, children grow ever more restless as their parents are stuck in traffic. With busy schedules and commitments driver’s minds wander to things they were not able to deal with during the day.

    With Young Drivers of Canada’s exclusive CogniFit program, drivers learn how enhance their cognitive skills through an online program. The course then assesses a driver’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to driving mental capacity. The results provide a customized learning experience and assessment of a driver’s ability to think quickly both on and off the road. Young Drivers of Canada knows that when it comes to distracted driving, the solution is there and it begins with drivers. Enroll today!

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