Distracted Pedestrians And Road Safety

Do Distracted Pedestrians Pose a Threat To Our Roadways

The news headlines are filled with stories about distracted drivers but there is another type of distraction that is becoming prominent on today’s roadways. Distracted pedestrians are adding another component to the distracted driving issue. According to recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, in the United States a pedestrian is injured every 7 minutes. Although the fault of these injuries is not necessarily that of the pedestrian, the study shows that pedestrians may be contributing to the increase in accidents.

Distracted Pedestrians Don’t Mix Well With Distracted Drivers

Everyone thinks of distracted driving as someone who is operating a vehicle that is involved in texting or talking on the phone while operating that vehicle.  Less of us however, think of these types of behaviours as distractions when we take them out of a vehicle. Pedestrians who talk on the phone, send and read texts or listen to music while crossing the road or intersection are the most common forms of distracted behaviour. Just as it is with distracted driving, distractions of any kind can lead to an accidents.

In a recent study by the University of Washington entitled Injury Prevention, pedestrians who texted were almost 4 times more likely to exhibit at least one unsafe behavior such as failing to look both ways or crossing unsafely at an intersection. The same type of reasoning can be applied to drivers as well. In terms of drivers, it is not uncommon to witness a driver operating a motor vehicle while talking on the phone, eating or reaching into the back seat of their vehicle to retrieve items or attend to passengers.

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