Distracted Teen Driving

AAA Stats Reveal Alarming Distracted Teen Driving

A new study out of the U.S. reveals that distracted teen driving is the cause of almost 60% of collisions. In the study, over 1700 videos of collisions were reviewed. In the video footage, teens were captured using their cellphones, talking to their passengers and even involved in personal grooming while behind the wheel. The AAA study concluded that 6 out of 10 teen car collisions could be directly related to distracted driving actions of teens behind the wheel.

Fear of Missing Out Results in Distracted Teen Driving

The AAA findings do not surprise Angelo DiCicco from Young Drivers of Canada, who has been teaching students how to drive to survive for over 28 years. In today’s culture, teens need to be constantly connected. According to Mr. DiCicco, young people don’t want to miss out. Sadly, teens are missing out. Teens, according to Mr. DiCicco are missing out on the experience and pleasure of driving when they chose to check their devices.

The AAA study concluded that although cellphones cause driver distraction, interacting with passengers is the number one cause of collisions amongst teens. To see CHCH’s complete story on distracted teen driving, click here.

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