Driver Distractions Are Endless

Driver Distractions Are Abound

There are so many driver distractions within a vehicle as well as its surrounding. Distracted driving has become the “new drunk driving”. For many, the vehicle has become the office on wheels, the transporter of kids and cats, while for younger drivers, the car continues to be a social spot that includes texting and making phone calls with potentially detrimental consequences. Young Drivers of Canada outlines some of the most common driver distractions that exist in a vehicle today, that are most likely happening right now!
Common Driver Distractions Within A Vehicle

Drinking and Eating

Although relatively innocent from its appearance, there are many things that can go wrong when you eat and drink in a vehicle. You could spill a hot drink on yourself or a burger can fall apart in your hands. Driving with one hand which happens to be greasy from the food you are trying to eat could result in less control of the vehicle or in the case of a manual car, the stick shift. The solution is to not eat or drink while operating a vehicle to prevent risk to you and others.

Personal Hygiene

Combing your hair, applying makeup or in many cases, shaving, are all examples of personal hygiene actions that have no place in a vehicle while it is moving. With everyone pressed for time, we have taken driving time to the next level with personal hygiene time.  Drivers seem to think that these actions have no effect on their driving. Multi-tasking while behind the wheel results in a decline in the attention that is paid to the actual task of driving.

Transporting Pets

Pets can be the equivalent of children when it comes to driver distractions. In many cases, drivers feel that it is okay to transport their pets unsecured. This however, is dangerous to you as well as to your pet.  A pet, in the event of a collision can become a projectile that result in damage to you and to the pet. Small animals can be secured in carriers that can be secured within a vehicle. Larger animals have proper securing devices available that will latch onto seat belts, allowing the pet to enjoy the ride while being secured.

Transporting The Kids

Transporting your kids is a necessity today. Whether it is a driver to school or dance practice, kids are an integral part of a vehicle. If they don’t have their own distractions, kids can be a big distraction in a vehicle. Drivers play a multitude of roles while they transport kids. From referee to hostess, parents are required to settle squabbles and hand out snacks during car rides, creating hazardous diversions for the driver. Passengers can be one of the most frequent causes of driver distraction. It is important to pull over if you need to tend to the passengers behind you. Diverting your attention for a split second to see what is going on behind you could have detrimental results.

Playing With Your Electronics

Today’s in-car technology continues to evolve. That doesn’t mean that just because you have high tech gadgets in your car, you have to play with them while you drive. Radios, navigation systems can be considered as driver distractions. To prevent any distractions from your in-car technology, pull over safely if you need to fiddle with it. Removing your eyes from the road to change the station or press a button, even for a second, could result in irreversible consequences.

Driver Distractions Can Be Eliminated

Young Drivers of Canada understands that today’s driver distractions are a result of a driver’s inability to control their brain functions while behind the wheel. Drivers have become reactionary to the distractions within their vehicles. With its exclusive Cognifit program, Young Drivers of Canada teaches its students how to control their brain activity while behind the wheel. The program is designed to enhance a driver’s cognitive skills and promote safe and smart driving practices. Enroll in the program today!
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