Driver Education, You Get What You Pay For!

Young Drivers of Canada Driver Education Is Not Cheap

Finding a driver education organization that will provide you with the best driver education is like finding a needle in a haystack. Every driver education company claims to have adequate programs but unless you know the difference, chances are you will never know who has the best program until its too late. Fortunately, Young Drivers of Canada can educate you when it comes to what their programs offer its students.

For over forty years, Young Drivers of Canada has been providing Canadians with the best possible driver education through its Collisionfree!™ driving programs. As Canada’s oldest driver education organization, Young Driver’s of Canada prides itself on not being the cheapest curriculum. In fact, that seems like a pretty arrogant statement, but for Young Drivers of Canada, their position with respect to price has allowed them to deliver  the hight quality driver education programs that provide drivers with the necessary driving skills for life.

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Driver Education Is An Investment

Young Drivers of Canada has built their driver education on the premise that there is no such thing as an accident. What does that mean? By definition, an accident is

“an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.”

When it comes to driving, with the proper skills, there should not be any incidents that occur unexpectedly or unintentionally by a driver. What this means specifically is that the Young Drivers of Canada driver education programs are based upon seeing the road, its hazards, other drivers and even the influence of the weather from a collision avoidance defensive driving perspective. With its exclusive Collisionfree!™ program, driver habits that put drivers in  high-risk situations are identified, corrected and replaced through Collisionfree!™ education methods.

In addition to their Collisionfree!™ program, Young Drivers of Canada is the only driving school in Canada to offer the Cognifit® brain training program. What this exclusive online program allows its participants to do is to train their brain to react better to everyday driving situations. The Cognifit® program is designed to enhance a driver’s skill by developing the ability to think and react quickly and accurately behind the wheel. Each participant receives a customized report that indicates areas that have been improved during the test.

Tactical Driving techniques are maneuvers that are covered by the Emergency Maneuvers in-vehicle training offered by Young Drivers of Canada. This included program covers head-on collision avoidance, rear crash avoidance, gravel shoulder recovery and threshold/A.B.S. braking. If this isn’t enough, all driver education courses include emergency maneuvers in-car and in-vehicle instruction.

An eLearning portion is also included in the Young Drivers of Canada curriculum, allowing students to continue their driver education on their own time. This portion of the drivers education program is interactive and self paced and includes video representation of driving scenarios that re-enforce the Collisionfree!™ education methods.

Young Drivers of Canada was recently named the top driver education organization in Toronto by In addition to meeting the registration requirements by the Ministry of Transportation, the rating system compared comparable driver education organizations with the minimum in class, homework and in car instruction. Young Drivers of Canada came up as number one and was highlighted as not being a “fly-by night” outfit and of course, not the cheapest according to the Blog’s summary of driver education organizations.

Young Drivers of Canada has laid it all out on the line for you.The decision is now yours.  Do I go for price or quality of education. The choice is up to you! Remember, driver education is for life and an investment. There is no do over when it comes to your driving skills!

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