Driver Rehabilitation Is Possible

Driver Rehabilitation After A Stroke

For all people, driving represents a sense of freedom and independence. Driving allows people to get to where they want to go without being dependent on anyone. When a driver experiences a medical condition such as a stroke, resulting in a temporary or permanent weakness or paralysis to one side of the body, the ability to drive can be affected.

As a result of a stroke, drivers may have difficulty;

1. turning the steering wheel or applying the brake.
2. dealing with the traffic around them.
3. can become frustrated while driving.

Depending on the type and gravity of the stroke, most survivors can return to independent and safe driving. The determining factor however, is where the stroke took place and how much damage the stroke caused. More importantly, driving skills can be improved by enrolling in a driver rehabilitation course. Young Drivers of Canada has vehicles that are equipped with hand controls that can assist drivers who have suffer from a medical condition. These specialized controls allow drivers who have difficulty using their hands or feet to operate a vehicle. Specifically, the rehabilitation program prepares drivers with the skills and remediation they require to get back on the road, inclusive of being able to operate a vehicle safely and comfortably, keeping everyone on the road safe.

For additional information on driver rehabilitation courses as a result of a medical condition, watch the video and contact Young Drivers of Canada. Improving your driving skills and remaining independent is a goal that can be reached!


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