Driving and Texting Is Not a Good Idea

Texting Behind the Wheel is An Extreme Driver Distraction

In a recent interview with New 1130, Angelo DiCicco from Young Drivers of Canada weighed in on how distracted drivers are when they text behind the wheel. In a recent simulator exercise, drivers were forced to deal with a variety of distractions. We the drivers were asked to text and drive, the results were, not surprisingly good. Drivers veered off course and into other lanes when invited to text while operating the simulator.

Angelo DiCicco from Young Drivers of Canada wasn’t surprised to hear the effect texting while driving had on vehicle control.

“If you then try texting, your head, your eyes, and your hands are distracted — and it’s all just too much for your brain.

Despite the contrary, drivers continue to think that they can multitask while driving. Young Drivers of Canada knows that this is not possible. It’s just too much to process and be able to focus on the task of driving. To read the complete article, visit http://www.news1130.com/2016/05/12/distracted-driving-texting/

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