Driving Lessons for a New Year

New Year Wishes for Success in 2014

Looking forward to the road to success?  Bring on the New Year! Get out your inspiring quotes and rev your life into full gear people.  Out with the old habits and hold on to the good driving lessons for the road ahead.

Since many of us will be driving or commuting this year to make our dreams a reality, I’m going to throw this out into the universe: The Best New Year’s Resolutions Drivers Should Make.  We will all be happier and safer for these tweaks to our daily driving habits.

Driving Lessons for 2014

Driving Lessons for a New Year

Be A Good Communicator.  As much as we sometimes wish that people could read our minds, they can’t.  Communicate well to your fellow drivers.  Signalling too late or not signalling at all is the bad habit to ditch in 2014. Embrace the good of signalling with lots of notice to let those around you know your intentions.

Give Yourself Time.  There are just not enough hours in the day.  I get it.  But in 2014, be kind to yourself and at least try to minimize your frustrations.  Plan your route, give yourself enough time for your travels and avoid construction and crashes on roads wherever possible.  Oh, and if you’re sitting in rush hour traffic, breathe.  Banging the steering wheel and yelling at the person in front of you will not make them go any faster.  Time to relax and focus up.

Give Yourself Space. Don’t follow other drivers too closely you tailgater.  Aggressive driving will not get you where you need to be any sooner.  It is important to leave space and stagger your vehicle while driving.  Keep a space cushion in front, behind and beside your vehicle.

Drop the Distractions. This is the year.  I can feel it.  In 2014, people will wake up and realize talking on their cell phone and driving is really dangerous.  Texting and driving will be a bad habit of the past.  This is the New Year’s Resolution of resolutions everyone.  Drop the driving distractions.

Sharing is Caring.  The road to success is your exciting journey ahead.  Remember along the way that it is a community of drivers on our roads.  Share the right of way.  Move over into the next lane to allow others to merge safely onto our highways.   Collectively, we are stronger and safer with a positive approach to our road safety community.

What will 2014 hold in store for you?  Driving school Young Drivers of Canada wishes you all the best on the road ahead. Of course, if you are looking to better your driving habits this new year, we will be available across the country to serve you and get you driving lessons to meet your needs.


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