Driving Lessons for Heavy Rain

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Driving lessons for heavy rain

Driving in heavy rain can be a real driving test.  Wet road conditions can be treacherous as drivers experience reduced visibility.  Here are the Top 5 Ways to drive safely in the rain from driving school Young Drivers of Canada.

1.  Reduce Speed on wet roads. The speed limit is set for ideal conditions and with the roads being wet it is time to slow down. Driving slower will reduce your stopping distance in case you need to stop suddenly.2.  Keep extra space between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. A minimum safe following distance in the city is 2 seconds, but doubling this space will give you more time to see, think and respond to stopping traffic ahead of you. Also, avoid letting other vehicle stay close to the sides of your vehicle. Creating a stagger in traffic can create an escape for you or another driver in case someone swerves.

3. Mind your wipers and be sure to clean them regularly to remove any grit left on the wiper blade. Replace wipers annually to help keep maximum visibility.  Knowing where the switch for your wipers are located without having to look down will help drivers keep their eyes on the road.

4. Optimal Tires help navigate a rainy day so check tire pressure and tread depth for proper tire inflation. The tread should be at least 3 mm deep in all areas across the tire for a tire to have enough traction on the road.

5.  Beware of hydroplaning as a vehicle can hydroplane easily on any wet surface. Stay away from puddles and standing water if possible. If hydroplaning happens, ease off the gas to allow the transmission to reduce speed gradually. Braking may just cause a loss of control. Avoid making harsh stops or turns.

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