Driving Lessons Car Dashboard

Driving Lessons and Your Dashboard

What Your Driving Lessons Help You to Understand

Driving instructors teach you how to drive defensively, react to the unexpected and understand the rules of the road. When you obtain your drivers license, it’s just you and your car. So what happens if an unexpected light comes up on your dash? What to do?

Your car dash tells you that there is something wrong with your vehicle or that something can go wrong if you don’t address the problem immediately. As a new driver, having an indicator light up on your dash can be a bit daunting but with a bit of common sense you can quickly address the problem and avoid panicking.

Driving Lessons Say Pay Attention To The Bright Lights

The engine light is the most important light. It can indicate a simple or complex problem. If the light is flashing, pull over right away to prevent any potential damage. Call for assistance and do not attempt to drive the vehicle further.

The oil pressure is also an important indicator of your vehicle’s health. The oil pressure light indicates that your car has very low or no oil available. Driving without any oil or low oil can seriously damage your engine. When the engine light comes on, pull over and call for assistance.

A battery light can come on for a number of reasons. You may have a voltage problem or it could just be an old battery. Problems with the alternator or starter can also result in the battery light being illuminated. It is important to check your battery with a mechanic.. it could be simply a replacement that is necessary.

The ABS brake light flashing can be a good thing. This light usually comes on when you brake on slippery conditions. This light indicates that the ABS braking system is working as you are breaking on a slippery road surface. If you brakes feel soft or you are not stopping as you should, have a mechanic run a check on them to ensure the pads have not worn or the rotors are not damaged.

When you take driving lessons, your driving instructor will provide you with the necessary knowledge to understand the different car dash indicators. As a graduate of a driving course you will have the ability to deal with dashboard indicator situation quickly and not panic. The key is to remember what the indicator means and how to handle the problem while keeping your cool!

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