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Young Drivers of  Canada receives these amazing stories on a regular basis and we always love hearing from our YD students.  Our grad,  Scott Keller ,  shared his experience.  Read on and if you have a story to share, please do.   Knowing that our Young Drivers of Canada training saved his life, and maybe yours,  is what makes our jobs so worthwhile.

Scott’s Letter:

Sadly, we’ve heard far too often stories of ‘car crossed the median and hit head-on’…

Thanks to you, it ended different for me.

I took your course 22 years ago.  I was trained/taught by a fantastic man by the name of Dino Dibiasi.  (how do you forget a name like that?).

He, through Young Drivers of Canada, taught me how to handle a ‘crossover’, and thank goodness he did, as it came in handy real quick just a few hours ago.

A van crossed the median of a two-lane highway (texting, I suspect), but instead of breaking and screaming, I moved to the shoulder of the road, maintained my speed, didn’t hit the brakes and avoided the problem.  All of which happened within only a few seconds.

I didn’t react, I acted, based on my training, 22 years ago!!!  The way you teach, isn’t easily forgotten!

I then re-entered the road without brakes (2 on gravel, 2 on pavement never works, as I was taught), and continued on safely, a little stressed, but safely!

Thanks!  You don’t just teach the young, you teach the young for a lifetime.


Scott Keller

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