Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips

 With all the fun of trick or treating, it’s easy for children to forget their safety rules while out enjoying the festivities. It’s particularly important for drivers to be extra cautious this Halloween and be aware of children running from house to house.

Every year children are killed or injured needlessly by drivers backing out of their driveways and not seeing them through their rear window.  I was speaking with Young Drivers of Canada Director of Training  Scott Marshall and he offered this great advice, “ It is safer to back into a driveway after scanning it for problems and entering traffic is safer as well.  With a larger volume of pedestrians out Halloween night, it is a good idea to plan your route and avoid residential areas during peak trick or treat time.”

To add on to Scott’s road safety comments, here are my top 5 Halloween safety tips to make this holiday more enjoyable for everyone:

1.    Ground Viewing: Use the ground viewing technique to scan under parked cars for the feet of children approaching traffic.

2.   Scan Intersections: Nearly 1/3 of all collisions happen at intersections.  In order to make certain that no one is running the red, you should scan left, centre and right before proceeding on a fresh green or when approaching every intersection.

3.    Circle Check: Walk around your vehicle to check for any obstacles when leaving your parking spot.

4.    Pedestrian Safety: Children should travel in groups with at least one adult.  If they are old enough to go out without an adult, know the route your child will take.  Children should walk on the sidewalk, facing on-coming traffic and cross only at intersections or crosswalks.

5.    Visibility of Trick or Treaters:    Costumes should be brightly coloured.  Placing a lit flashlight at the bottom of their treat bag or using reflective stickers on the on the front and back of costumes will help drivers see your children better.

Have fun out there this Halloween night and stay safe everyone!  For more great Halloween tips visit this tips page

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