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Hannah Crop 3 March 19 2013 copyYoung Drivers provides new drivers with training and resources to make uncomfortable driving situations manageable and safe. A few months ago, I was driving up to my cottage, in rural Ontario, with four of my friends. I had recently received a car from my grandfather and was eager to explore the area around my university. I was driving on a two-lane highway, in poor visibility, when I saw headlights coming towards me on my side of the two-lane highway. My immediate thought was not panic, but gratitude for what Young Drivers had taught me. I was taught to always plan an escape route while driving, and at that moment, I understood why. I checked my rear-view mirror and my blind spot, and then slowed down and pulled over onto the shoulder as the aggressive driver passed, just narrowly missing my front right bumper.

When someone obtains their G1 or learner’s permit they have had no driving experience. Having knowledgeable individuals teach new drivers skills to practise safe driving is essential. Getting trained by professionals is important, not only because they teach the rules of the road, but because they also teach techniques that help new drivers become confident and aware drivers. This is essential not only for the safety of the driver, but also for the safety of passengers, pedestrians, other drivers, and anyone else on the road.

The in-class lessons provide an overview of rules of the road and allow you to work through scenarios that drivers face. The in-class portion of their curriculum is taught in an interactive class environment that includes problem solving exercises and videos, as well as more traditional teaching. It’s essential to learn the theory of driving, prior to becoming a driver, as it allows you to become more aware of the road and appreciate the intricacies of driving.

The in-car training is a stress-free, one-on-one environment, where a new driver is taught the techniques of driving. Knowing that a new driver is with an expert, who is able to take over with their brake (or reach over and grab your wheel) is both comforting and makes learning how to drive easier. From making a left turn, to switching lanes, to driving on the highway for the first time, driving with an experienced and trained instructor is indispensable training for a new driver.

Young Drivers mandate is defensive driving, training the pupil to control the road and to know that they are responsible for their own safety. They provide comprehensive and clear information in order to ensure that each new driver is equipped with skills and techniques to be a safe driver.

Driving School Review written by Hannah Kraicer-Melamed

Student at Young Drivers of Canada Downtown Toronto

Driving School Toronto – 180 Bloor Street West, Unit G2, Toronto Ontario Phone: 647-847-4074

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  1. I am a Young Drivers graduate, my in-class was done at the Yonge and Eglinton classroom. Young Drivers saved my life. I had a near rear crash and if it was not for my Young Drivers training, I would have been seriously injured or even worse. I was on Highway 400 during rush hour as I was merging from the right exit lane on to the highway; I checked my rear view mirror and had noticed that the driver in the same lane as I was in was not going to be able to stop in time. This is when the no panic mode kicked in, I practiced in my driving lessons, which was leave space in front and have an escape route. I checked my blind spot and my mirror and quickly swerved to the shoulder and avoided a rear crash collision. Any ways I thought I would share my story and want to give a shout out to my instructor Angelo! Thank you to the best driving school in Toronto.

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