Driving School Vancouver – Instructors Tell All

Vancouver Photo Education Fair Dec 2012When it comes to driving lessons in Vancouver, the Young Drivers team has over 40 years of experience helping drivers of all ages learn the skills they need to stay collision free.  Considering that most people say they could never do the job of a Driving Instructor, did you ever wonder what it would be like to be an Instructor and help people get their drivers license?  How would you adjust your teaching techniques to each student? And the training you would have to have to successfully deliver and teach an ICBC Approved Driving Course?

I wanted to know what really makes this group of patient, experienced and well-trained Young Drivers Instructors in Vancouver tick.  So I asked their team to give one word and description that best describes what being a YD Instructor is all about.  The response was overwhelming from downtown Vancouver, Vancouver east side, Vancouver west side, Kerrisdale, Kitsilano, Coquitlam and other great communities in BC.  Here is what they had to say:

Melissa in Delta – Rewarding – Knowing that I am teaching a lifelong skill, and watching them gain confidence with their experience, makes this job worth it.

Kathy in New Westminster – Creative – because you have to think of different ways to express ideas/images for different students.

Ben in Vancouver – Eye opening – Every student has a different story. I have had the privilege of teaching women to drive in Canada, who are not allowed to drive in their home countries. A skill, a chore, or a hobby, being able to drive is something that I do not think about. YD has given me the opportunity to share my passion and offer the same freedoms that we may take for granted.

Kathy in Coquitlam – Educational – While teaching my students, I am learning about other cultures and traditions.

Margriet in Surrey – First word that pops into my mind – Rewarding – Not when they pass a road test, but when you know you taught them well and they turn out to be safe and awesome drivers. Like most of my students…..

Ken in North Shore –  Patience – I have all the time in the world, when it connects it connects.

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