YD graduates learn what other driving schools including defensive driving

What Other Driving Schools Don’t Teach

Toby just passed the G1 Exit RT Test at Downsview and wanted to talk about his experience with Young Drivers of Canada.

I love Young Drivers! It was a lot of fun, learned a lot of new things that I think that I will be able to use when I’m driving in the future.

I have friends doing other courses and they don’t know half the stuff that I know about driving. Young Drivers definitely helped me out over a lot of other courses.

It’s been fun! It definitely was great.

What about emergency maneuvers to help you maneuvering through traffic?

A lot of emergency maneuvers that I will definitely be able to apply or hopefully not. But if I get put in that situation I will feel pretty confident that I know how to get out of it.

You talked about your friends with other courses. Are you talking about other schools?

Yes, other driving schools don’t give you the same kind of experience. You don’t learn as much. You learn more defensive driving [with Young Drivers of Canada] rather than just how to pass your drivers test.

So it’s something that you can use for life?

Yes, I will be able to apply this to definitely my future in driving.

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