Sharing the Road | How to be a Safe Pedestrian

It is too common to hear of pedestrians being hit on our roads.  This Thursday is Car Free Day and to help those who are walking stay safe, please follow and share these tips.

1. Look in all direction before crossing the street.  Never assume the driver sees you there.

2.  Wear reflective clothing at night so motorists can see you.

3. Scan inside parked vehicles.  Look for occupants who could open the door or put their vehicle in motion.

4.  Use cross walks or cross at the corners.  Avoid walking between parked vehicles.

5. Don’t trust a driver’s signal.  Check their front tires to see which way they are going.

6. Minimize distractions.  Turn down the music and don’t text and walk.  Keep alert to be able to hear emergency vehicles or other motorists’ horns honking.

Young Drivers of Canada will be participating in The Transportation and Healthy Living Fair  this Thursday, September 22nd in Hamilton.  Come by our booth to learn more about how we can all share the road safely.  Whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist or driver, we will have great road safety tips for you.

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