Train Your Brain To Drive Better

Every single decision as a driver comes from the brain.  From one second to the next on the road, there are changes happening all around your vehicle.  As a driver, are you able to accurately judge the driver’s speed who is coming up behind your vehicle?  Are you able to respond to an animal who has just run out in front of your car on the road?  Can you spot and solve the problems 360 degrees around your vehicle at all times?  Use your brain.  Train it to drive better.

Young Drivers of Canada recognized the link between cognitive brain training and driving.  For over 9 years now, Young Drivers has been leading this driver training industry innovation and has included the scientifically validated CogniFitTM cognitive assessment as a mandatory part of a students training. Young Drivers President Peter Christianson gives a great summary of what CogniFitTM is all about:

Imagine knowing before you get behind the wheel your risk of crash?  Mind blowing when you think about it.  If you could also know which of your cognitive abilities related to driving are strong and which are weaker, what a great help that would be too.   Young Drivers has had their students take the online CogniFitTM Driver assessment to rank their cognitive abilities.  These include width of field of vision, short-term memory, eye-hand coordination, reaction time, visual scanning, assessment of speed and distance, changing plans, and focus.  Our research shows that 26% of all YD students are at a risk of crash due to weak cognitive abilities before they get in-vehicle. Their weakest cognitive ability, on average, is divided attention.

Now what can a driver do to help minimize the risks while driving?  The best driving instruction possible can include brain-based education and training.  CogniFitTM for example assesses driving strengths and weaknesses on an individual basis, ensures quick thinking on the road and off, improves mental capacity, and customizes each driver’s learning experience.

Remember that being a safe and collision free driver requires proper skill and concentration on the task at hand.  Keeping your brain sharp can also keep you safe on the road.

Here is a video showcasing a new driver and a senior training their brain to drive safer:

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