Driving Tests Cancelled Due to Pan Am Games Traffic Concerns

Over 1,000 Driving Tests Cancelled in the GTA

The Ontario Government has cancelled over 1,000 driving tests that were scheduled to occur during the Pan Am Games. The cancellation was in response to concerns of increased traffic as a result of the scheduled Pan Am events. A total of five driver exam centres in the GTA were affected during the games.

The decision to cancel the tests was made in June 2015 and had some critics wondering what took the government so long to make the decision. The Pan Am Games were decided many years in advance, suggesting that if road tests were a concern, they should have been addressed in the Games initial planning.

Peter Christianson, President of Young Drivers of Canada, suggested that if the cancellation of the driver’s tests was concern over traffic, traffic did not happen. The cancellation left Young Drivers trying to sort out their student’s tests.

“It wasn’t very well thought out and now we’re doing damage control,” added Christianson, who noted the changes “certainly messed up a lot of our instructors’ schedules. It’s a lot of wasted time and energy. It’s unfortunate.”

A total of 1,137 road tests were cancelled across the Etobicoke, Downsview, Port Union, Metro East and Oshawa test centres. This left driving students to make other arrangements for new road test appointments.

To read the Toronto Star article in its entirety, visit http://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2015/07/21/driving-tests-cancelled-due-to-pan-am-games-traffic-worries.html

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