Earth Day Driving Tips

Easy Earth Day Driving Tips To Follow

Earth Day is every April 22, and it is considered to be the largest environmental initiatives in the world. Follow some of these simple tips from Young Drivers of Canada to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Every driver can contribute to improving their footprint on the environment with some simple chances to their driving style and regular vehicle maintenance.

1. Think about your driving. Avoid the left-foot syndrome. It’s not a race. Drivers can save fuel by gradual acceleration. Slow down in anticipation of what is coming ahead including stop signs, crosswalks and even changing lights.

2. Car Pool. Fewer cars on the road means less gas used, fewer emissions generated and great conversation.  Avoid using vehicles for errands especially on Earth Day. Wait until you have a few things to do and plan your route rather than just using your vehicle for one errand.

3. Maintain Your Vehicle. A vehicle’s fuel efficiency will improve if the oil is changed on a regular basis. Filters, including air and oil, should also be changed regularly. Simple maintenance can ensure a vehicle’s engine will perform at its best.

4. Reduce your speed to ensure better fuel efficiency.

5. Remove excess items from your vehicle to reduce weight. Items such as ski racks can hamper a vehicle’s aerodynamics.

The tips provided are simple but can make a positive impact on the environment. Let’s make Earth Day everyday!

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