Everyone Is A Distracted Driver

You Are a Distracted Driver

Even if you don’t want to admit it, you are a distracted driver. It’s Monday morning, you are running late. You jump into your car and begin the drive to work. You have every intention to drive safely…. but then you begin to program your GPS to get you to your first appointment, you fiddle with the car radio and you look at your cellphone to see the latest emails… you may not realize but you are a distracted driver! Young Drivers of Canada understands the distractions that drivers face today and has a solution to this growing epidemic.

What exactly is a distracted driver? The best way to describe a distracted driver is that it is anyone who takes their focus off the road, even for a second. When you think about that statement, is it even possible to just focus on the road completely when driving? The answer is no… but drivers can filter out and manage many distractions with preventative actions.

Managing Driver Distractions

All distraction can be managed. The key to this management is to recognize the distractions first. Today, technology plays a key role in distracted driving. The first step is to manage the cellphone. Turning off the cellphone or putting it away is a great way to manage the temptation of looking and responding to texts and emails while driving. If you require a GPS to make it to your appointment, pre-set it before you begin your journey. Both actions help you to manage the technology distractions.

Don’t eat or drink while you are on the road. Not only is it unhealthy – you are rushing through a meal but this distraction can be dangerous. Eating or drinking while driving prevents a driver from having both hands on the wheel. Both actions are also extremely distracting from a manageability point of view…a sandwich can fall apart in your hand creating an unexpected distraction. The solution, don’t eat, drink and drive. Pull over safely if you need to eat or take a break from driving. You’ll enjoy your meal and your fellow drivers will thank you.

Pets and children are a common distraction that many drivers take for granted. Ensure that all pets are secured while traveling in a vehicle. The same goes for children. Ensure seat belts and car seats are well secured. Avoid looking back and do not pay attention to anyone traveling in the back of the vehicle. Children and pets can get restless easily. Manage the distractions caused by your passengers and pets by taking frequent breaks and planning this time as part of your journey. We are all guilty of looking back and taking our eyes off the road and we may not even realize it until it is too late.

Distracted driving is any activity that takes your attention away from the road. Young Drivers of Canada through its exclusive CogniFit program can help drivers to enhance their driving related cognitive skills. The goal of the program is to encourage drivers to think on their feet. Each student that takes the exclusive course is assessed individually in terms of their driving strengths and weakness and their cognitive capacity. Distracted driving will never be eliminated but it can be managed and one of those management tools is CogniFit program. Enroll today!

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