Facial Recognition Technology To Start Your Car?

Ford and Intel Collaborate On Facial Recognition Technology

Technology continues evolve in vehicles. The Ford Motor Company, with the assistance of Intel, is looking at facial recognition systems as the next volley into technology and the vehicle experience. The developmental project would allow drivers to bar others from driving their vehicles, adjust the car preferences to their liking, and even use their smartphone to remotely check for items left behind in their vehicles. The projected named “Project Mobii”, is slated to be released in vehicles in the future and is currently beginning researched, inclusive of a mobile phone app. Will such technology lessen driver distractions? The answer is lies in what the technology will be used for.

The Project Mobii technology is based on interior-facing cameras, integrated with sensor technology and data, that is geared to create a personalized, seamless interaction between a driver and their vehicle. The technology would authenticate drivers when they entered their vehicles using a front-facing camera equipped with facial recognition software. The in-car experience would then be personalized for the driver, including information such as music, calendars and contacts of that specific person. In addition to the driver, if a passenger was detected, a privacy mode would be activated to only display navigation.


Facial Recognition Can Set Driver Parameters

The technology is further expansive, in that if the driver is not recognized, a photo would be sent to the vehicle owner’s smartphone. Through the smartphone app controls, the owner would then set permissions and features for that driver or disable the vehicle. In the case of parents being the primary vehicle owner, if a child would be permitted to drive the vehicle, the parent could set the parameters, including restrictions on speed limit, radio volume and mobile phone use while driving. The current testing technology also includes gesture recognition software, inclusive of voice commands that could ultimately simplify tasks such as opening and closing of a sunroof or adjusting the temperature while driving.

As technology continues to evolve when it comes to vehicles, what is important to note is that there needs to be a balance in terms of what consumers want and what is safe when it comes to operating a vehicle. Young Drivers of Canada teaches its drivers ed students the importance of controlling technology when it comes to operating a motor vehicle. Through its exclusive Cognifit program, Young Drivers of Canada focuses on teaching drivers how to control their brain activity to avoid the consequences of distractions such as vehicle technology. The program assess a drivers tendency to take risks at the wheel. The online program features an assessment component, a training section and a assessment of progress. The goal of the exclusive program is to determine how drivers can improve their cognitive skills while operating a motor vehicle. Vehicle manufacturers will continue to explore new technologies when it comes to vehicles. As operators of vehicles, drivers need to understand how these new technologies will affect their driving and the safety of others on the roadways!

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