Five of the Strangest Driving Laws In the U.S.

Strange Laws in the U.S. Have Validity

There are fifty-twp states in the United States and although there are similarities in most of the major transportation laws, according to, there are several interesting laws that stand out and should be noted. These laws are broken down as follows:

1. The State of Mississippi permits a driver to drink alcohol while operating a motor vehicle as long as the driver is of age and stays below the legal blood alcohol level of 0.8%.

If you think that is strange, it is legal for passengers in the vehicle to sip alcohol in the states of Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, Virginia and a few others.

2. New Jersey and Hawaii have made it illegal to drive with a dog in your lap. Young Drivers does not think that this is a weird law but one of safety and distracted driving prevention. In Hawaii, the law specifically states that,

“no person shall hold in the person’s lap, or allow to be in the driver’s immediate area, any person, animal, or object that interferes with the driver’s control over the driving mechanism of the vehicle.”

In the event of a collision, a pet that is not restrained in a harness in the back seat or a crate or cage can become a projectile and cause severe damage to a driver, passenger and of course, to itself. The state of New Jersey will fine a driver $250-$1000 for putting a pet on your lap while driving.

3. No front bumper, you will be fined. In over half of the states in the U.S., it is illegal to drive a car without a front bumper. The reasoning behind it is logical; a car bumper can shield a vehicle from additional damage in the event of a collision. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, (NHTSA), the front bumper is designed to prevent and reduce collision damage to the front and rear of a vehicle.

4. Driving too slow can be illegal in some states. In Florida for example, if you drive below the speed limit in the left lane you can incur a fine. In the state of Georgia, there is a specific “Slow Poke Law” which penalizes drivers who refuse to move out of the left lane when approached by faster vehicles.

5. Motorists who drive while drowsy face fines in several U.S. states. As an example, in the state of New Jersey, a driver who has not slept for 24 hours can be charged with reckless driving. The NHTSA confirmed that in 2013, drowsy driving was responsible for 800 deaths and 72,000 crashes.

Although some of the listed road laws may sound a bit strange, they all make sense, except for number one which only encourages drinking and driving. Young Drivers of Canada maintains that a vehicle is no place for a pet to ride unsecured. Car bumpers can save a motorist from severe damage in the event of a collision. Driving below the speed limit can be an impediment to other drivers. Following the laws of the road will keep everyone safe!

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