GM Introduces Wi-Fi In Cars

Internet Wi-Fi Connection Now Available In Cars

In its recent announcement, General Motors has confirmed that it has made 4G Wi-Fi available from some of its Chevy product lines. Leading the way in in-car internet availability, the Chevy brand will offer a built-in OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that will allow drivers to connect their smart devices and vehicles to the Internet. The available technology will allow up to 7 devices to connect and have Wi-Fi access.

GM has provided its latest Wi-Fi technology in a variety of Chevy product lines ranging from the Volt, Malibu, Impala, Corvette and the Equinox. It is expected that the remaining Chevy product lines will have the service available in the near future.

The introduction of this latest technology has sparked the distracted driving debate that continues to see deaths as a result of smartphone use in vehicles while driving. Mobile communication while driving is considered to be the largest contributing factor of deaths in vehicles today, surpassing drunk driving. Studies have shown that texting while driving creates the risk of a crash by 23 times compared to drivers who are not distracted by the smartphone.

Drivers Want Wi-Fi Connected Cars

The development of the Wi-Fi technology by GM is in direct response to Ford’s Sync technology, which has been available for several years but does have in car Wi-Fi capability. Developers at GM feel that the availability of Wi-Fi in their vehicles will be appreciated by drivers. The goal is to have drivers use the technology to plan road trips as well as for work related activities. GM believes that customers are looking for continued technology and diversity in their vehicles and for GM this is a big step.

From a distracted driving point of view however, the continued evolution of technology in vehicles is just another problem that law enforcement will have to contend with, when it comes to drivers and the distractions that they are exposed to while behind the wheel. Currently drivers can access a Wi-Fi connection from their smartphone in the event of an emergency so why the requirement for direct connection within the vehicle. Do drivers even need to access internet while driving? The answer is simple no!

Current driver distractions such as texting, up dating social media channels and using the phone to make calls while driving are some of the leading causes of collisions that result in injury or death. Today, distracted driving injures and kills more drivers than drunk driving.  Young Drivers of Canada wants drivers to pay attention to the road ahead and forget about the technology while behind the wheel. Although we know that innovation such as GM’s Wi-Fi availability is coming, it’s up to drivers to be able to decide how important the use of technology is while behind the wheel is. As a driver, the focus must always be on the road and not on the technology. Is your life worth sending a text or posting a status update? The answer is definitely no!

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