Good way to Lighten Up on rainy days

It’s April and that means April showers.  To make the dark days a little brighter  lets lighten up.

When it comes to driving, what type of lights should you be driving with?

Since 1990, Canadian vehicles have had daytime running lights.  These are the headlights that come on once you start your car and release your parking brake.  The thing is these lights are not always as bright as your low beam headlights.   So I would suggest turning on your low beams.

Turning on your low beams will help cut through a dark & gloomy day like today.  The other advantage is that turning your low beams on will also in turn initiate your tail lights. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, day time running lights may or may not also automatically initiate the tail lights.

Get in the habit of always turning on your low beams every day no matter what the weather is like.  Make it part of your driving routine.  It’s important that other drivers can see you and that you can clearly see them at all times.  Help yourself have the best possible visibility 360 degrees around your vehicle.

No matter what car you are driving this rainy day, switching on the low beams will help keep you safer on  slick roads.   Now that’s something to smile about 🙂

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