Driving to Keep Space

Are you a commuter or someone who drives in heavy traffic often? Then this video will definitely give you a new perspective on your driving style. You may just notice that how you keep space on the road will have both savings and safety benefits.

More green driving and road safety tips can be found here from driving school Young Drivers of Canada.

7 thoughts on “Driving to Keep Space

  1. That’s a good tip. I try to get my students to do this too! I find it makes them calmer drivers. When you first start, one can get a little edgy in heavy city traffic. This method helps them lots. Good video & greetings from the UK!! 🙂

  2. I’ve been driving for 20 years and never knew about this. What a great tip! I am doing this now, and finding I’m also *calmer* while in heavy traffic, and don’t feel as in such a hurry. Who knew?

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