Starting the Safety Conversation. My first post!

It’s an open road and I am excited to start the adventure of blogging.  I have thought about doing this for quite a while and to be honest, after attending a conference called BlissDomCanada this year as a sponsor, I was so inspired by the ladies I met and spoke with and their passion for blogging I thought – I need to put my passion for writing and safety into action.

So where do I want this road to take me?  Well I know that I want to  have my focus on SAFETY.   I really hope to get people talking and thinking about road safety issues and thinking big, I would love to reach 1 million Canadians in 2011 with our road safety messaging.  No small task but 2011 is Canada’s official National Year of Road Safety so why not get the conversation started!

I welcome any feedback on this blog because a conversation can’t be one way.

Looking forward to this journey!


4 thoughts on “Starting the Safety Conversation. My first post!

  1. Hi Suzanne
    I hope you reach our target of one million. I used to own a YD centre and still work in the driving industry 23 years later. My research findings suggest that engaging the ABS on snowy or icy roads increases the stopping distance (Driving in a winter wonderland). I Can’t remember if Scott Marshall was with David White and I during some of our preliminary testing? Since then I am yet to find a vehicle that stops shorter on snowy roads, ABS activated then a good threshold brake application. Has YD found otherwise?

    • Hi Don,

      Thanks for your comment and for checking out our blog! To date, Young Drivers of Canada has now taught over 1 million novice drivers and counting so there’s 1 million there and we will continue our mission to reduce collisions on our roads. Scott is still with us as our Director of Training.

      A little more on ABS for you:
      Yes ABS makes the stop longer in snow due to not being able to lock and cause a dam of snow to build up in front of the wheels and help slow the vehicle. That said ABS helps stabilize the vehicle causing less complete loss of control. We all need more following distance in snow to stop in time and slower speeds so the stopping distance will be less.

      Electronic Stability Control is a dramatic help in maintaining control and it incorporates the ABS in its’ bag of tricks that keep a vehicle pointing straight. ESC, ABS and control of both speed and the space in front allow collision-free driving.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging. I just started my Drop It And Drive Blog about a month ago and there’s certainly no shortage of inspiration for posts. Looking forward to sharing ideas back and forth between us with our joint focus on safe driving. Cheers.

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