Starting the Safety Conversation. My first post!

It’s an open road and I am excited to start the adventure of blogging.  I have thought about doing this for quite a while and to be honest, after attending a conference called BlissDomCanada this year as a sponsor, I was so inspired by the ladies I met and spoke with and their passion for blogging I thought – I need to put my passion for writing and safety into action.

So where do I want this road to take me?  Well I know that I want to  have my focus on SAFETY.   I really hope to get people talking and thinking about road safety issues and thinking big, I would love to reach 1 million Canadians in 2011 with our road safety messaging.  No small task but 2011 is Canada’s official National Year of Road Safety so why not get the conversation started!

I welcome any feedback on this blog because a conversation can’t be one way.

Looking forward to this journey!