How to Choose a Driving School

What questions should you ask when choosing a driving school?  What is really important to have as part of your driver training experience?  Regardless of what age you are learning to drive, ensuring that you get what you pay for from your driving school is important.

I wanted to share a post I recently wrote on the OurKids blog to help families with this decision. Please check out my OurKids post to access the How to Choose a Driving School Checklist.  This checklist is really valuable for ANYONE that is shopping around for driver training – whether you are a parent of a teen, looking for yourself or maybe even inquiring for your 50 year old spouse who is going for their driver’s licence for the first time.

When it comes to finding the best driving school to meet your needs, another good asset is the below video.  There are a number of great tips that will help you prepare the right questions to ask.  The choice is yours so be informed and safe driving!

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