How to Plan Your Route

If you want a smooth drive for your commute or road trip this summer, it is best to plan your route before you leave the driveway.  Give yourself enough time to reach your destination and factor in this road safety video and tips to help better your route and  fuel economy:

1. Construction Cues – There is no shortage of construction on the roads this summer.  Make sure to check for road closures ahead of time so you don’t get surprised or stressed out by the delays when you hit that part of the road.  No one wants to be caught in traffic unnecessarily and it never hurts to avoid construction areas whenever possible.

2. Rush Hour Rush – Even in the summer there is rush hour.  There are people heading to cottages and day trips to be had.  Think about how busy the roads are going to be the time of day you plan to leave and factor that into your route.

3. Turn it Around – Did you know that making a left turn is riskier than making a right?  We have to make them, but as a driver we can decide which turns are safer than others. It helps to find the left turns at traffic lights that are at wider intersections where your visibility is improved or plan your route to include advanced traffic lights which also help reduce risk.

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