How Will Driverless Cars Affect Society?

Driverless Cars Are Coming, Are You Ready?

With autonomous vehicle technology being ramped up, and tested in the real world, it is expected that driver less vehicles will become the norm in the decades to come. So how will these vehicles effect our society?

1. Will everyone buy an autonomous vehicle? The answer is maybe not. There will always be the early adopters. Price will play an important role in terms of adoption of autonomous vehicles. Rental companies may thrive as drivers look to experience autonomous driving before they take the plunge and purchase. Once autonomous vehicles become prive competitive, it is expected that drivers will purchase the vehicles.

2. Autonomous vehicles are promising to minimize traffic accidents. Vehicle collisions are one of the largest causes of death and injury. Today, many of those collisions are attributed to distracted and impaired driving. Existing autonomous technology currently being tested still requires a driver to be at the controls in the event of a malfunction. Future technology suggests that vehicles will be able to drive themselves, eliminated distracted and impaired driving.

3. Travel time will be minimized. Many drivers currently spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. With autonomous vehicles, the technology suggests that “drivers” will be able to engage in other activities while the vehicle drives itself. Furthermore, it is expected that the autonomous vehicle technology will regulate traffic flow as vehicles communicate with each other to maintain orderly traffic flow. Drivers will be left to read a good book, knit, search the web and much more while the driving is left to the vehicle.

4. Autonomous vehicles will allow aging drivers to maintain their freedom for a longer period. Self-driving vehicles will eliminate the concerns when it comes to elder drivers. If you don’t have to physically driver your vehicle, you won’t have to worry about the deterioration of eyesight, reaction times or other senses. Drivers who have had their license taken away for medical conditions such as strokes may be able to continue to “drive” autonomous vehicles.

5. Autonomous Vehicles May Change Criminal Activity. Today’s vehicles are controlled by all types of individuals. Remember the famous car chases, (O.J. Simpson)? Well, autonomous vehicle can change that wreck less behaviour. With the self-driving technology, including tracking and sophisticated GPS, vehicles will be tracked much more efficiently. Planning on robbing a bank and speeding away? Autonomous vehicle technology will regulate the speed of a vehicle on certain roadways. Is is also suggested that there may be technology built into self-driving vehicles that could include a kill engine scenario, allowing law enforcement to kill the engine remotely.

Driverless CarS And Society

Autonomous vehicles will affect society in many ways according to Young Drivers of Canada. Some of the changes will be met positively while others may be faced with resistance. Technology is here. Autonomous vehicles are coming. The challenge lies in the adaptability drivers to this new concept of driving!

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